Monday, 17 June 2013

Got Married For Revenge.. Epilogue

Epilogue (Mature Content)
Arnav opens his eyes and finds his beautiful wife in his arms hugging him tight'. He cuddles her more into him and kisses her on her bare neck'. Khushi makes a face in her sleep and arnav just looks at her and says'.
Arnav: It feels so good to get up like this by seeing you in my arms'. It feels so good to know that you are mine only mine'. It's been one year but it looks as if we got married just yesterday'. I am falling in love with you more and more with each passing day' You are the most beautiful thing happen to me in my life'. Thanks a lot khushi for making my life so beautiful'. He then places a kiss on khushi's forehead'.
Khushi opens her eyes as she was disturbed by his kiss and that too twice'. She looks at arnav and smiles'.
Khushi: Good morning'.
Arnav: Good morning sweetheart and Happy Wedding anniversary sweetheart'.
Khushi: Same to you arnav'..
Arnav leaned down and captures her lips for a kiss'. Khushi too kisses her' After a long time they broke the kiss and arnav caressed her hair and says'
Arnav: So what you want me to do today for you'.
Khushi: Hmmm I want a promise from you'
Arnav: Promise'.
Khushi: Yes a promise that you will always love me like this till my last breath'.
Arnav: I promise khushi I will always love you like this till our last breath because its going to be a same day because I won't be able to survive without you even for a single second you are my life khushi'..
Khushi hugs him tight and says I love you arnav I love you a lot thanks for coming in my life and giving me the best married life'.
Arnav hugs her back and says I love you too and I should thank you for coming in my life you are the most beautiful gift life had given me'.
They were lost in each other's embrace when they heard a knock on the door'.
Arnav: Maa hi hogi you know its her habit to disturb our romantic moments'.
Khushi pulls back from the hug and hit arnav lightly on his arms'
Khushi: Stop it arnav go and open the door'.
Arnav moves to open the door wearing his jeans and khushi covers herself with the quilt as she was wearing nothing'.
Arnav opens the door and he was right, mamta was on the door'
Arnav: Yes maa'.
Mamta: Happy wedding anniversary beta'.
Arnav: Thank you maa nice way of wishing by disturbing the couple'.
Mamta: Shut up you are really getting very naughty'.. Its your wedding anniversary today so I have kept a small pooja for both of you so please get ready and come down soon' We all will be waiting for you both and then we have party in the evening'.
Arnav: Ok maa we will come down in half an hour'.
Mamta: How is khushi now?
Arnav: She is good infact much better than yesterday'.
Mamta: Good'.
Mamta leaves from their and arnav comes to khushi and says'.
Arnav: So Mrs Raizada chale we are getting late for the pooja'
Khushi: hmmm' She was about to get up when arnav stops her and pick her up in his arms'
Khushi: Arnav what are you doing?
Arnav: Ssshhh khushi today I want to pamper you'.
Khushi: Arnav that you do everyday'
Arnav: I know but today little more by making you'. And he had a naughty smirk on his face'.
Khushi: By making me what'.
Arnav: You will know in few minutes'. He walks towards the bathroom with khushi in his arms and enters the bathroom and locks the door'.
Khushi: Arnav what we are doing'.
Arnav: ssshhh khushi'' He makes her stand on the floor and moves towards the bath tub' He fills it with the hot water and then put the body soap in that water'.. He then comes towards khushi and says'.
Arnav: Khushi I hope now you understand why we are here'.  He unwrap the bed sheet from her body and picks her up'.. Khushi hides her face in his chest as she was shy to know that her husband is holding her all naked'. They have seen each other but still she was shy'. She holds him tight and arnav walks towards the bath tub'.
He puts khushi in the tub and then removes his jeans and joins her in the tub'. He pulls khushi close to him and made her sit in between his legs'. Khushi can easily feel his hardened form on her back'. He started applying soap on her body'. Khushi closed her eyes feeling his hands all her body...He applied soap on her neck and then on her back and then slowly his hands moves in front and applied soap on her belly' He slowly started moving upwards towards her bosom and started cupping them'. Khushi leaned backwards more on arnav and arnav continues cupping her bosoms'.
He then slowly moved downwards and applied soap on her legs and then touched her core'. Khushi moaned when he did that'. He started applying soap their and khushi dugs her nails on his shoulder unable to bear this sweet torture'..
Khushi: Arnav please stop she managed to say in between her moans but arnav was not in the mood to stop' He continued his act and increases his speed'. Khushi turned her face and started biting him on his shoulder and then licking it'.  He pulls her face upwards and captured her lips into the kiss'. And his hands were busy pleasuring khushi down'. His kiss became wilder and khushi was enjoying his roughness'..
After a long time khushi comes on his hands and he slowed down his kiss satisfied that he has pleasured his wife'' He then broke the kiss and picks her up'. He takes her to the shower cabin and opens the shower'. She hugged him tight feeling shy and arnav continued to move his hands on her body'. After a long time they both came out from the shower and arnav wraps her and him with the towel and picks her up and moves out of the bathroom'.
He moves to the closet and removes a beautiful saree for khushi'.
Arnav: Khushi I want you to wear this'
Khushi happily accepts the gift and wears the saree' After sometime they both came down for the pooja'.. Pooja got over and arnav takes khushi for the lunch after that they attended the party when khushi receives some courier on her name' She read the papers and keeps them in the closet'.
Khushi comes back to the living room and arnav asked her where she was'
Khushi: Hmmm nothing just went to get fresh'.
Arnav: Ok'
They both enjoyed the party'. Everyone in the party was just admiring the couple and was congratulating them'. Party got over and everybody moves to their room'.
Arnav changed his clothes and so did khushi'. Arnav sat on the recliner when khushi came to him and sat on his lap and kissed him on his cheeks'.
Arnav: Kya baat hai someone is getting so romantic haan'..
Khushi: Arnav I want to tell you something'.
Arnav: Haan bolo na'.
Khushi: Arnav wo'.
Arnav: Haan khushi bolo'.
Khushi: Arnav finally maa's dream of having a grandchild is going to be true'.
Arnav: What!!!! You mean'
Khushi blush and hugs him'
Arnav: Ohhh khushi you don't know how happy I am'. I am going to be a father soon' Thank you so much for giving me the best gift on our anniversary'. He too hugs her tight'..
They informed this to all the family members all were very happy to hear this news from them'..
After nine months''
Arnav was pacing restlessly in front of delivery room'.
Mamta: Arnav beta, don't worry everything will be alright'.
But arnav was in no mood to listen to anything' He just wanted to hear one news'. After sometime his wait was over' doctor came out from the room and says'.
Doctor: Congratulation Mr Raizada you have become a father of sweet little angle' It's a girl'
Arnav had a wide smile on his face'. He hugs mamta'
Arnav: Doctor can I meet them'
Doctor: In few minutes' We are shifting khushi to the room you can meet her then'
Arnav: Ok doctor'
They shifted khushi and arnav rushed towards her'. Khushi smiles looking at him' He helps her to sit on the bed and doctor brings their baby and gives to them' Arnav holds her and smiles'
Arnav: Khushi she is so beautiful just like her mom my sweet little angel'. He places a kiss on her forehead' He then gives it to khushi'.
Khushi: Awww my baby'. She too kisses her'..
All the family members come to them and congratulates them and holds the baby turn by turn'. Arnav sits besides khushi and kissed her on her forehead and says' "Thank you khushi' I love you'."
Khushi: I love you too arnav' They hug each other''.
Arnav: Now I feel as if I got everything from my life and I am the most happiest person in the world... He hugs her more tight...
So guys how was it... Hope you all will like it...

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