Monday, 17 June 2013

Got Married for Revenge... Prologue...


Arnav: Wait khushi I want to talk to

Khushi: But I don't want to talk to
you Mr Arnav singh Raizada please get out of my way'.

Arnav pulls her towards him and says'

Arnav: Nobody' nobody talks to me like
that so from next time make sure you be in your limits'

Khushi: Mr Raizada you are crossing
your limits' I said I don't want to talk to you' just jeave me' Why don't you

Arnav: Why don't you understand khushi
I love you damn it'

Khushi: But I don't and I have told
you this so many times and you know that I am engaged to someone and I love him'

Arnav: I don't care khushi I know you
are lying you love me only me and he comes towards khushi and kisses her on her

Khushi gets angry at his action and
slaps him hard on his face'

Khushi: This is for coming close to me'.
And from next time don't even try to come near to me or I will do something
which you could not even imagine'

She said that and left fuming arnav
behind' Arnav moves around and sees all his office staff staring at him with
shocked expressions on their faces' Arnav shouts at them..

then moves to his cabin and sits on his chair closing his fist and banging it
on the table and saying'

Arnav: Khushi Kumari Gupta' You made
biggest mistake of your life by slapping Arnav singh Raizada and that too in
his office' You are going to pay a huge price for this Ms Gupta' What you said
you are engaged and you love someone right' Let's see till when he is their in
your life' I will make you so helpless that you yourself will come to me and
will beg me to marry you' And I will marry you khushi but only to make your
life hell' just wait and watch how you life changes khushi'.

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