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Night That Changed our life.. chapter 16...

Chapter 16
Khushi: Arnav!!!!!
Khushi pats his cheeks and says..
Khushi: Arnav' Get up arnav' Please'
She then puts her palm on his heart and relief spread on her face as his heart was still beating'. She again started shaking him'
Khushi: Arnav please get up'
But arnav didn't respond' She then screamed for help and few people came rushing to her' At first they were reluctant as this was the accident case but after continuous pleading from khushi they agreed and they helped khushi to put arnav in one of their car' They rushed to the hospital and khushi called aman and asked him to reach the hospital as early as possible'
After few minutes they reached the hospital and khushi was happy to see aman already at the hospital' He had completed all the formalities and was standing on the gates with the ward boys'.
They took arnav inside with khushi holding his palm' Doctors looked at arnav and decided to operate him'. They took him to the OT with khushi leaving his hand with a heavy heart'.
Doors of operation Theatre got close and khushi was just staring blankly at the door' Aman walked to khushi and says..
Aman: Mam'
Khushi looks at aman and says..
Khushi: Aman he will be ok haina' I don't want to loose my arnav'
Aman: Don't worry mam he will be perfectly fine'. But mam yeh sab'
Khushi remembers everything and closed her eyes and says'
Khushi: Sab meri wajah se' (all this is because of me) I am the culprit'  I' But her words struck in her throat as more tears rolled down on her cheeks'.
Aman made her sit on the chair outside the OT and gives her a glass of water' He then decides to not ask any more question as khushi was not in the good state'
Accident news spread like a fire and Guptas and Raizada's were in shock to hear the news' Both the families rush to the hospital' Arnav was still in OT and khushi was sitting on the same chair where aman made her sit and she was crying continuously'
Garima walked to khushi and keeps her hand on her shoulder' Khushi looks up and then hugs her mother with a force and says..
Khushi: Maa arnav' I I love him maa' I love him a lot' Maa bolo na that nothing will happen to my arnav' He will be alright soon'
Garima too had tears in her eyes seeing the state of her daughter' She caresses her back and says..
Garima: Yes beta nothing will happen to your arnav' He will be alright soon'
Manorama and manohar watches the scene and they too had tears in their eyes' It was true that they were angry on arnav and khushi but they still love arnav as their own son and khushi as their daughter'. Manorama walks to khushi and caress her hairs and says..
Manorama: Beta sab thik ho jayga'
Khushi looks at manorama and hugs her and cried on her shoulders'
Samrat was watching everything and an evil smile spread on his lips and he thinks "Poor khushi'. But aise accident k baad its really very hard to survive'. I think DM is on my side in this task' "
He then changes his expressions to sad and walks towards khushi and everyone and a stand waiting for the door of OT to get open' aman who was pissed with his presence was clenching his fist in anger' He wanted to strangle samrat's neck for everything he has done with khushi and ASR' But right now he cant do anything as he was waiting for ASR'..
He was in his thoughts when OT door opened and doctor walked out'
Khushi who was sitting on the chair with her head on manorama's shoulder instantly gets up and rushes to the doctor followed by everyone'
Khushi: Doctor how is arnav'
Doctor looks at khushi and smiles and says..
Doctor: Congratulations Mrs Raizada operation is successful' Your husband is out of danger now'. He is really a lucky man I guess because surviving such kind of accident is not so easy..
Tears started rolling down from khushi's eyes but this time they were out of happiness... Her arnav.. Her arnav was perfectly alright'.  She thanked her DM for this' Other members too get happy and smiled except samrat who was fuming'. But he smiles as others were around'  Khushi then ask doctor if she can meet arnav to which doctor replies that they will be shifting arnav to special room and then she can meet him'
Khushi nodded and then walked to mandir which was in the hospital to thank her DM'. She did the pooja and then was about to return when she saw samrat standing at the door'.
Khushi: Tum..
Samrat: So happy na bhai is alright'
Khushi: Bohat'
Samrat: hmm really khushi you have a great heart.. I was so idiot to let you go'. Itna kuch hone ke baad bhi you have forgiven bhai so easily'.
Khushi: Please samrat I don't want to talk about those things now'
Samrat: Hmm I can understand' But seriously bhai is really very lucky to have you' He did such a huge mistake' He played with your character' He humiliated you in front of everyone' He proved you characterless in front of everyone and still you have forgiven him' Seriously khushi you really have a big heart'.
Saying this samrat left from their' Khushi stopped on her spot thinking about samrat's words'. She was still in her thoughts when aman called her and says'
Aman: Mam ASR is shifted to the room' You can go and meet him'
Khushi nods her head and started walking to the room' While taking each step she was getting images of their night, his words the next morning, her wedding altar, those photos, taunts which she got from everyone'.and then samrat's words'
She stopped on the door and looked at arnav'. He was lying on the bed with his eyes closed as he was still unconscious'
Gupta's and Raizada's were already in the room and were happy to see arnav out of danger' Their eyes fell on khushi and samrat smirk seeing khushi lost' He was sure that khushi was thinking about his words' Finally he was getting successful in his mission'. For sometime he thought that he will be failed because of this accident but then he played his another trick after all he was samrat singh raizada how he can loose'..
Garima looks at khushi and walks to her and says'
Garima: Khushi see your arnav is perfectly fine now' Bas doctor said he will gain his consciousness in few hours'. And all this is because of your love'.
Khushi looks at her mom and then again at arnav and then she remembers how he was trying to say something to khushi which she didn't hear in her anger' How he was asking her to listen to him once' How she ignored his pleads and walks out of the house making him follow her' And then this accident'..
She then remembers his words'..
 "I love you khushi'. Please please forgive me for everything' apna dhyan rakhna'"

She comes out of her thoughts and walks close to arnav and caress his cheeks and a smile crept on her lips' Samrat fumes seeing this and everyone looked with awe expressions' Khushi then sits on the chair pulling it close to the bed'. She holds his palm in hers and place a kiss on it'
Other members moved out of the room as doctor didn't want rush in arnav's room' Samrat was pissed as again his plan was backfired' But he was not ready to give up' He started making other plan and aman who has heard samrat's talk with khushi was happy to see khushi with arnav' He wanted to tell everything to khushi at the same time but he didn't as he wanted ASR to say everything and he was now sure that khushi will trust arnav on this matter'..
Now only arnav and khushi were in the room'
Khushi bends down and place a kiss on his eyes and says'.
Khushi: I love you' I love you a lot arnav'
She then cupped his cheeks with both hands and says'.
Khushi: I want to start a new life with you... I can't loose you as I love you a lot and I also know that you too love me' and I am sure jo bhi tumne kiya koi reason se kiya hoga'  I reacted badly' I should have listened to you' But now everything will be fine'
Khushi was still speaking to arnav when suddenly she felt some movements'.
Arnav was gaining his consciousness and was trying to say something'
Arnav: kh khushi'
Khushi tightens her grip on his hand and says'
Khushi: Arnav I am here' I will always be with you..
Slowly arnav opens his eyes and looks at khushi'.  He smiles looking at her and then caress her cheeks with the same hand which was in khushi's palm'.
Arnav: Khushi'
Khushi: haan arnav'
Arnav: I I am sorry'. I'
Khushi: Sshhh arnav'
Khushi hugged him tight and says'
Khushi: I I love you arnav' You don't know what I went through after your accident' Who told you to follow me'.
Arnav caresses her back and says'
Arnav: Khu khushi I..
Khushi gets up suddenly and says'
Khushi: I kya haan' What do you think of yourself' agar tumhe kuch ho jata to'
Arnav was happy to see khushi so much concern for him' But at the same time he was shock to see khushi talking to him with so much love even after knowing the truth'.
Arnav: Khushi I am sorry' Lekin..
Khushi cuts him and says..
Khushi: sshhh kuch mat kaho' We will talk about this at home' Now just take rest'.
Arnav: But khushi'
Khushi: Fir but' Do you want me to leave you again'
Arnav looks at khushi and says'
Arnav: That will be the last day of my life khushi'
Khushi keeps her palm on his mouth and says'
Khushi: Never say that again' and arnav I promise I will never leave you'. I don't know why you did those things but I know one thing and wo yeh hai that my arnav loves me a lot and if he had done those things kuch to reason zarur hoga and I am ready to hear that reason arnav'
Arnav smiles and pulls khushi on his chest and says'
Arnav: Thanks a lot khushi...
So guys how was the update... Next update will be the much awaited chapter where khushi will know the whole truth... So what you guys think... Will she believe arnav or...

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