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Night That Changed Our Life... Chapter 21 (mature Content)

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Imp note: This chapter is written by me and my very dear friend apoorva (amandalmao)
Chapter 21
“Khushi kya kar rahi hu… We are getting late” aid arnav by knocking the bathroom door…
Khushi was in the washroom from last 1 hour and arnav was getting restless to know why she was taking so much time…
“Just few more minutes’ arnav” replied khushi…
Arnav: Jaldi karo… We have to reach airport in an hour…
Khushi: Hmmm…
Arnav then sat on the bed typing something on his cell… After about 10 minutes he heard the click of the door… He stops typing and looks towards the bathroom door….
Khushi opened the door and slowly stepped outside… Arnav looks at khushi and was lost in her beauty…
She was wearing black black long skirt with red colour full sleeves top… She has curled her hairs and left open….
Arnav gets up from the bed and walks towards her without removing his eyes from hers…. He reached near khushi and says…
Arnav: Khushi you are looking so beautiful….
Khushi blushed and says.
Khushi: Than thanks… Chalein…
Arnav nods his head in a NO… Khushi looks at him with confused expressions when he kiss her on her lips and then says..
Arnav: ab chalo… This kiss marks the start of our honeymoon….
He then snakes his arm around her waist and shouted HP to load their bags in the car…. And they started walking down the stairs….
Arnav: Khushi ek baat batao tum itni der washroom mein kar kya rahi thi…
Khushi: wo arnav actually I was finding something to wear… I mean kal humne job hi shopping kiya saarein dress bohat short hai and I didn’t want to wear them in front of chacha and chachi and finally I am glad that I had picked this outfit…
Arnav: Ohhh hmmm right… Because that short dresses are meant only for me.. I mean only I can see you in those outfits…. 
They stopped in the living room to meet Manorama and Manohar…  Manorama put kajal tikka behind khushi’s neck and says..
Manorama: You are looking like a doll khushi… Arnav take care of my princess…
Arnav nods his head and then they left RM after taking blessings from their chacha and chachi…
They reached the airport and they were escorted towards their his Private Jet… Aman has done all the arrangements so now they just have to enjoy everything without any tension or worries…
They walk inside the flight… Arnav made khushi sit on the couch and sits beside her… He ordered some juice for khushi and then asked the attendant not to disturb them till they reach their destination….
Arnav then looks at khushi who has completed her juice and was searching something…
Arnav: Kya hua…
Khushi looks at arnav and was about to say something when he leaned on her and sucks the juice droplets on the corner of her lips…
Khushi gasped…
Arnav then started sucking her lips and pulls her on his lap…. Khushi wrapped her arms around his neck and responded to the kiss with equal passion and hunger….
After a long time they broke the kiss and arnav looks at khushi…Her lips were swelled and she was breathing heavily… This was turning him on and he wanted to take khushi then and their… But he controlled his desires as he wanted to make her first time special… (Last time she was not in her senses so it was her first time)
He again looks at khushi and can see the same desires in her eyes too.. He takes her in his embrace and says..
Arnav: I don’t want your first time to be in flight khushi….
Khushi blushed hearing this and nods her head… She snuggles more into his chest and wraps her arms around his waist… They stayed in that position till they heard the announcement that they are close to their destination and will be reaching the MALE AIRPORT soon..
Khushi hugged him tighter as flight was landing… Arnav smiles and holds her tight and caressed her back… She felt protected in his arms and was relaxed…
Finally they landed….
Arnav: We have reached khushi… Chalein…
Khushi nodded and gets up from his lap… Arnav to gets up and they both straightened their clothes… He wraps his arms around her waist and started walking out of the Flight… They walked down and khushi was mesmerized to see the beauty of the place….

Khushi: Its beautiful arnav……
Arnav pulls her closer and says..
Arnav: Its just the start khushi….
Khushi was still looking around when suddenly she heard the voice…
“Sir Mam this way”
She looks at the man standing in front of them…  Arnav smiles at him and says..
Arnav: Jack right…
Man nodded his head and says..
Man: Welcome sir.. Welcome Mam… Your Sea plane is ready to take you both to the Maldives….
Arnav nods his head and started following jack with khushi…
They reached near the sea plane… 

Arnav and khushi boarded the place with jack… Khushi clutched arnav’s arms and says..
Khushi: Arnav I am scared..
Arnav: Don’t be… Mein hoon na…
He holds her tight against himself and then they started their journey…
It was thrilling experience for them as they were flying above the sea and that too during night…
Finally they reached the island…. Jack escorted them till their private villa which was in a very secluded location… Arnav has specially instructed aman about this….
Jack left from their leaving his number with arnav….

Khushi was in love with the place already… And the villa was beautiful… Khushi runs inside and was mesmerized to see the villa….

Arnav was happy to see her happy…. She walks back to arnav and hugs him and says…
Khushi: thanks a lot arnav…
Arnav: Ssshhh you don’t have to thank me… And waise bhi itni beautiful wife ke liye honeymoon place bhi to beautiful honi chahiye….
Khushi: Lets see the bedroom…
They walks inside the bedroom and khushi stops at her place seeing the bedroom… It was fully decorated with scented candles and flowers all over the room…
Slowly khushi stepped inside and finds a big rose boquet on the bed….
Khushi: Wow…
She picks up the bouquet and turns towards arnav..
Khushi: Arnav looks at this so beautiful…
Arnav: I think uske saath aur bhi kuch hai…
Khushi looks at the bed and finds a packet…. She picks up the packet when her eyes fell on the letter which was kept below the packet…
She picks up the letter too and started reading the letter…
“So my beautiful wife loved our room haina”
Khushi looks at arnav with surprised expressions and says..
Khushi: Arnav you did this…
He smiles and was about to say something when khushi suddenly hugs him and says..
Khushi: I love you so much….
Arnav hugs her back and says..
Arnav: Khushi I want you to open the gift…
Khushi was very excited to see what he has gifted her… She started opening the gift… She finally tore the gift paper and opens the box and her hands stopped seeing the gift… She gulps and her cheeks turned red seeing the gift…
Arnav enjoyed her state and says..
Arnav: Kya hua khushi..
Khushi looks at arnav and says..
Khushi: Ar arnav yeh..
Arnav: I want to see this on you….
Khushi: But….
Arnav place his finger on her lips and says..
Arnav: Ssshhh… no buts…
Khushi: I I cant arnav…
Arnav then turns her back… Her back was touching his chest… He kiss her ear lobes and says..
Arnav: If you love me khushi you will wear this…
Saying this he left her and sits on the bed….
Khushi looks at him and then was about to say something but then stops and walks towards the bathroom…
Arnav quickly changes his clothes… He wore his shorts and T-shirt and sat on the bed waiting for khushi…
After few minutes khushi opened the door of the washroom….
He couldn’t believe his luck. His Khushi was standing in front of him. His eyes were stuck on her magnificent beauty. It was as if he wanted to capture the entire moment in his eyes. He wanted to capture Khushi’s image in his mind. It was already there in his heart. Yet his mind wanted to capture this image forever. Khushi was his world. He did not want anything else now. It was as if he had reached his destination.
Seeing khushi in the red lingerie he had gifted, these thoughts reverberated in his mind. He was mesmerized with her beauty. Khushi did look really hot and sexy today. He had never imagined her like this. Her white creamy legs were fully visible. She was standing near the bathroom door, feeling a bit uncomfortable. She was rubbing her legs a bit due t nervousness and this turned on Arnav more. Her payals  looked perfect on her ankles. Her bodice had the perfect curves. It was naked and he could see her mounts following a perfect cadance. She was breathing heavily which showed how nervous he was but Arnav couldn’t stop gazing at her.  The rhythmic motion of her breasts was making him want her more. Her face was a sight to watch. The darkest shade of crimson adorned her cheeks and her eyes were fixed on the ground. She looked like the eighth wonder of the world. A never ending beauty was what Khushi had.
She slowly looked up at him shyly. Her eyes begged him to stop looking at her.  He slowly got up and moved towards her. Khushi became conscious and slightly moved back a bit. He noticed it and pulled her closer. Her bosoms hit hard on his manly chest and she let out a sigh.
“Aahrnav…” whispered Khushi
“Shh.. Khushi” Said Arnav in a deep husky voice.
He moved closer and whispered in her ear in a husky manner ,
“You are the most beautiful girl, I have ever met. You are mine. You are Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada”
“Arnav, I Love you” she said in a low voice , her breath grazed near his chin and he could feel the shivers in his body.
“I love you too Khushi” he said in a husky voice , his eyes filled with the desire to make her his. He had loved her all her life and now was his moment. He still couldn’t believe the Khushi was finally his. He picked her up , his left hand pressing her upper body and his lower hand holding her from her thighs. She was a perfect fit in his arms. He took her to the bed and laid her on the bed , not breaking their eye contact.

He bent over her and kissed her forehead first.
“I will always be there for you” he said after the kiss, looking into her eyes. She was so overwhelmed by this gesture of hers that she hugged him tightly. The hug made him fall on her completely.
His chin rested on her shoulder. Her breath danced on his shoulder.

He bent over and kissed her ears first. She gave slight sigh.
He bent over and nipped his ear again and then licked it. She gave a small moan.
There was no stopping then. He was completely turned on and she was filled with desires. With one kiss of his, she had started to lose her senses.
He trailed kisses all along her neckline. Kissing and biting turn by turn. He took her skin in his mouth and sucked it till it turned red. She moaned and moaned in pleasure. Hearing her moans, he started licking the place where he bite and sucked and soothed her pain.

He looked up and saw her eyes filled with desire. She started to say something
“Arna---“ he cut her off and sealed her lips with a passionate kiss. He took her lips in his mouth and sucked them. He started roaming his tongue on the lips parting , indicating her to part her lips and started sucking her lower lip. She parted her lips and let his tongue inside. They smooched till they were out of breath. She plunged her tongue in to his mouth and started forming tornadoes inside. Their tongues fought for space, each wanted to suck the other’s tongue. Arnav let Khushi win here. She sucked his tongue to the core. She was so turned on that she pushed him beneath her and started kissing him again. 
She took his T-Shirt off and started kissing him all over his face.

“I love you Arnav.” She said holding his face and kissed him again.
She bent down and bit his neck and he groaned in pain. She licked it and moved down to his chest.
She roamed her tongue on his nipples and started biting his chest. She kissed him all over his chest. He groaned and clutched her hair and pushed her upwards to kiss her again.
They again shared a passionate kiss. He let his fingers roam on the brim of the lingerie which led to the hips. He pressed her hips. She moaned while kissing. His hands slowly moved to her bra string and he opened it, lingering his fingers on her back and forming circles. She broke the kiss and looked at him.  He was going to see the most private part of hers. She became shy for a second.
“Do you trust me khushi?” he said in a low voice.
“Yes” she replied and then she gave in. All her hesitation was gone. He took her bra off and pushed her beneath him.
He took her breasts in his hands and massaged them one by one. He sucked one and then massaged other and vice versa.
She moaned in pleasure.
“Khushi you are so beautiful. “ he said with desire in his voice. He was the happiest man in the world. The most beautiful girl , from both inside and outside , was his now.
He moved further down and started kissing her stomach. He plunged his tongue in her naval and started circling it. Khushi’s stomach was shivering with his actions and her hands were clutching his hair.
“Oh Arnav..” she moaned
Arnav started licking the sides of her panty. He outlined the stings of the panty with his tongue. This sensation was creating a havoc in Khushi’s mind. She was not able to think straight and starting pushing his head away.
“Don’t do it Arnav..” she said in a low voice , leaving out huge breaths.
“Let me baby. I love your scent” he said, inhaling her body scent.
He crawled on her and kissed her lips again, to remove her hesitation once again.
She could feel his manhood on her stomach. She put her hands on it and started rubbing it. Arnav started moaning and biting her lips. Her hands were so warm and he was loving her strokes on his manhood. She started stroking him harder, leaving him out of his senses. She pushed away his shorts using her feet. Arnav ripped apart her panty.
Her body was shaking. His manhood was almost on her and her hands were still on his manhood.  He removed her hands and started rubbing it on her core. He bent and kissed her there. And she moaned the loudest. She clutched his shoulder while he was sucking her vagina walls.
“Arnav stop it..I want you” she managed to speak while gasping for breaths.
With this, he plunged inside her. She gave out a huge cry and dug her nails on his shoulder and closed her eyes.
“Khushi , look at me baby” he said in a low husky voice.
Khushi opened her eyes and looked at him.  He slightly bent down and kissed her , to ease out her pain. He carefully plunged in and out of her, so that it pained less.
Their bodies rocked in unison. Both reached the climax together and Arnav lay on Khushi.  He kissed her on her lips and said
“You are mine . I love you”
Khushi gave a slight smile and hugged him. He got up and lay on Khushi’s side.  He hugged her and she buried her head on his chest. He pulled the sheets on both of them and a moment later they both were in deep slumber. A slight smile dancing on both of their faces
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